Children of Blood and Bone and SCOFFS (Reading with a Legal Eye)

Reading With a Legal Eye

Thank you for visiting my blog! The Idea for “Reading With a Legal Eye” is what actually prompted me to start this blog. It brings together my love of reading and my love of the law (I’m a public defender). I’m hoping to make it a monthly series where I analyze some of the legal issues that come up in books (or that a book makes me think about). Hopefully you will find this interesting! I would love to hear your thoughts and some constructive criticism as I start this blogging journey.

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My Book Suggestions for Those Wishing to Do Effective Ally Work

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Obviously, I am not an expert on race relations by any means and I would never pretend to be. I just thought it might be helpful to other white people to create a list of books that I have personally found enlightening in understanding racism and recognizing my own privilege/participation in the racist power structure in the United States. Read More »