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You can reach me via email at Feel free to reach out with any review requests, questions, constructive criticisms, book recommendations, or if you just want to chat!

You can also find me on Instagram at @auntbreesqreads and on Goodreads at

However, please do not reach out to me regarding legal advice. This is not a website intended to solicit clients. See my “About Me” page for more information.



Acceptance of a book does not guarantee a review. I try to review every book I read on Goodreads, whether I liked it or not. However, I may not feature every book I receive on other platforms (this blog, Instagram, and Amazon).

There is no guaranteed timeline for a feature on my platforms; however, if you are offering a book with an upcoming release date please be sure to let me know and I will attempt to accommodate. Review copies will not be returned to the source.

At this time I prefer review copies in physical copy. This is because I am more likely to read them and physical copies are easier to photograph for my Instagram account.

I read every genre except poetry. My favorite genres are fantasy and science fiction; I would particularly like to feature books with diverse characters.


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