My First Page1 Box

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I decided to try a Page1 Book Subscription, which is a super fun subscription service that sends you a personalized book. I signed up in July to receive my first box in August, which arrived August 2nd! They have several different subscriptions, depending on what type of books you want but I chose “For Those Who Want It All” because I like all sorts of genres.

Ships: On the first of each month

Cost: I paid $60 for a three month subscription plus $10 for shipping (I live in Upstate New York in the US)

Return policy: “We guarantee your happiness with the book we deliver. If you don’t like it, or if you’ve already read it, let us know. A replacement will be on its way before you can say ‘Bob’s your uncle.’ No need to send the other back. Pass it along. We think there is no better karma than sharing a good book.”

Then, I was asked to answer a few quick questions. The following are the questions I was asked (in bold) followed by my answers:

Tell us about books and authors you enjoy: I like all kinds of books. Fantasy is my favorite but I also like science fiction, classics, literary fiction, middle grade/YA contemporary, historical fiction, thrillers, and non-fiction. To Kill a Mockingbird and Ella Enchanted are those books I have listed as favorites since I was a child.

Any books you would like included?: What’s the fun in that? Lol

Dislikes?: I really really don’t get poetry. I don’t really read romance though not never.

Anything else we should know? Goodreads handle?: My Goodreads is AuntBre/BreAnna Avery. My bookstagram is @Auntbreesqreads. I’m a public defender so I have interest in social justice but usually not as a crime thriller for some reason.

And, that was it. I just had to wait for my box to arrive. When it came (very quickly, I might add) these were the contents:

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I LOVED the personalized card and they even spelt my name correctly (BreAnna with a capital A lol). I have been collecting magnets for my fridge and the sent some awesome bookish fridge magnets with the August box! This box truly felt special. I mean, look at the top photo of how they wrap the book. It feels like a gift just for me!

So, did I like the book?

Title: Flights and Chimes and Mysterious Times

Author: Emma Trevayne

Format: Hardcover

My rating: 4/5 

Review: This is a Middle Grade Steam punk about Jack Foster who finds himself an an alternate London: Londinium. Londinium is filled with metal creatures from fairies to dragons and people who require metal parts to survive in the smoky atmosphere. Jack experiences some great adventures, makes some true friendships, and learns lessons along the way. I was intrigued by the mysteries and I think a middle-grade child would be totally spell-bound.

So, in short, yes. It was a good book I never would have picked out for myself. Overall, I was very happy with my first month with Page1 and I’m super excited to see what the next couple of months hold!

Do you have a favorite subscription service?

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