Review of Amina’s Voice by Hena Khan


Title: Amina’s Voice

Author: Hena Khan

Rating: 4.5/5 

Format: Paperback
Another great selection by the Diverse Books Club from their summer reading guide!

I read this book after work in one evening. It’s only about 200 pages and it’s middle grade but I still think it shows how enjoyable it was to read. I think this would be a great way to introduce a young one to the dangers of Islamophobia so I would definitely recommend to middle school aged children.

It obviously deals with some serious topics but it’s also heartwarming and sweet. I think the best stories of tragic situations are those that give you hope and leave you feeling inspired.

I think it’s great that not only will Pakistani-American and Muslim children have this book that they will be able to see themselves in but all children will be able to relate to it as well. Amina is Pakistani-American and Muslim and she’s a young girl who just started middle school. She’s jealous of her best friend making a new friend and worried she’ll get left behind. She wants to try out for a solo in the school concert but also has terrible stage fright. Amina has the typical problems any young girl might experience in America, and some problems that are not so typical. Young girls will relate to her and learn from her.

I will be reading more by this author for sure. As an important note: The author is Pakistani-American so the novel is own voices. I try to be aware of this as much as possible when reading.

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