Review of Buffering by Hannah Hart

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Title: Buffering: Unshared Tales of a Fully Loaded Life

Author: Hannah Hart

Rating: 4/5 

Format: Audiobook/ Hardcover

I started this one on audio but I also have a physical copy so, once I got about halfway through, I sort of just finished. I really only listen to audiobooks on my commute and since I was on vacation last week, I was way too impatient to wait to finish. I would have never picked this one up if it wasn’t a Diverse Books Club (DBC) pick for their summer reading guide. I had no idea who Hannah Hart was before starting the book. Like, none. Goodreads describes her as: “a Youtuber, comedian, author, actress and somewhat of a chef.” Her most famous videos appear to be her “My Drunk Kitchen” videos, which I have never seen.

However, I actually found her memoir to be really interesting. There were some great discussions about mental health and how our country (the United States) doesn’t do enough to help those who have mental illnesses, especially when they are poor or minorities. I appreciated that Hannah took the time to point out her own privilege (even though in many ways she is not privileged). I thought her refusal to give up on her mother was SO inspiring but just as inspiring was her ability to forgive those who did give up. I cried while reading a certain email.

Hannah Hart is a lesbian so there were discussions about her coming to terms with this fact. It was especially interesting because she had to try to reconcile her status as a member of the LGBTQA+ community with her own faith. Plus, her father is actually a Jehovah’s Witness so that adds some complications to the situation.

I probably won’t read anything else by Hannah Hart but I’m glad this was on the Diverse Books Club summer reading guide. Also, she was a great narrator and I would defintely reccomend the audio version if you do decide to pick it up.

Any reccommendations for memoirs by people I’ve probably never heard of?

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